Disneyworld Tips and Tricks!

"Ohana, ohana means family, and family means no body gets left behind!"  Name that quote and you already know where my family and I just went on vacation. 


If you guessed Disneyworld! You are correct. We spent 10 glorious sun shined days in Orlando Florida. I'm going to give you my 10 best tip’s and tricks to have the best time in Disneyworld.  We spent two days in each park minus Hollywood Studios which you only need one. There’s not a lot in that park yet until Toy Story Land opens at the end of this month!

Tip number 1. Pack clothes that are breathable and cool. We went at the end of May beginning of June, so you can already imagine how hot it was. I wish I had brought more linen clothes. My go to outfits were a pair of high wasted denim shorts, and my paper bag boy shorts from Urban Outfitters.


Tip number 2. I would most definitely take advantage of the magic band system. It changed the Disney game! With the magic band I would highly recommend pre- booking your fast-passes 60 days in advance. I know, 60 days is a lot, but let me tell you it saved us! We got to experience the new Avatar ride in Pandora. That ride was a 3-hour wait every single day and fast- passes were always unavailable, we luckily had booked it 60 days in advance and we got on! It was so worth it!! I highly, highly recommend going on that ride.  With the magic bands you can also link your hotel room so you can pay for your food and snacks without taking out your wallet. With the magic band you can also use your fast passes and book new ones using the Walt Disney World app on your phone.

Tip number 3. I really recommend bringing your own breakfast bars for in the morning. As everyone knows Disney can be expensive. We saved a lot of money each day by doing that. I brought my Arbonne protein bars and it saved us! I also brought some snacks with me as well, such as little individually wrapped nut and fruit packs. Easy to bring into the park and also saves you money.


Tip Number 4. Since we went to the parks during the end of the spring and beginning of summer, remember to stay hydrated! We found that we were getting dehydrated a lot. What’s so nice is Disneyworld gives away free ice water at any fast serve restaurant. So nice and convenient!

Tip Number 5. I wish we had brought this with us, but now we know for next time. I would highly recommend bringing your water resistant light - weight windbreaker. Florida being the tropical climate it is, does rain randomly. And when it does start raining your either going to need to find cover quickly, buy a poncho are putting that trusty rain coat on. Don’t worry it only lasts a little bit and then it clears up to sunny skies.

Tip Number 6. We had the amazing opportunity to eat at the Be Our Guest restaurant. We had to pre book this 6 months in advance and it was still hard to get into. But if there’s one thing you need to do, it is going to this restaurant! Not only was grey stuff delicious there are little hidden gems you’ll be so glad you went. Be sure to check out the East wing! You never know what you’ll find!

Tip Number 7. Magic Kingdom was by far my favorite and there’s so many reasons to why. But if there’s one big one is to get a good seat in front of the castle for the fireworks. The firework show was by far the best show I have seen hands down! It was so magical! The castle was beautiful and the story with it was tears of joy! Be sure to get your popcorn and water ready for that one! It’s a must do!


Tip Number 8. Epcot! Travel the world in just a few short hours. I love Epcot! It just gets better and better. We luckily booked right when they were having there Flower and Garden Festival, and let me tell you that is something I have also wanted to go to and now that I have, It will be with me forever and a huge favorite! We got our little passports and crossed off each one as we tasted the food and drank the special drinks. So worth it! The flowers are stunning and the Merch was on point! Definitely try to hit this if you go.


Tip Number 9. In Animal Kingdom we got to enjoy the new night light show Rivers of Light! I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into this but I heard it was a must do. We also pre booked at the Tusker House to get special seating (front row for the Light show). So worth it! The Tusker House food was to die for good. But what was really special was we got special seating to see the River of Light show. All I have to say is bring a little pack of tissues with you because the show brought tears to my eye for how beautiful it was, but the message it gave to everyone. I really enjoyed it and I think it’s a must do!

For my last and Final tip number 10 I really recommend taking one day relaxing by the pool in your hotel. Believe it our not Disneyworld is huge and you definitely need one day to relax! We took our off day in the middle of our vacation and it was perfect! We got to relax, sleep in and enjoy the pool. Later that evening we went to the Boardwalk and went down to ESPN for of course the Game 1 of NBA!

I know this post was a long one, thank you for all that made it to the end! I hope you enjoyed it! If you want more posts like this please comment below. If there were anything else you would want to know about Disneyworld and want another post like and comment below to let me know.


Have a Great Saturday!