Weekly Round Up

   Oh, how I love summer, but sadly when August comes around I know summer is coming to it's end. I do have to say I am quite excited for fall to come. Getting ready for all this pumpkin, scarves and boots. 

   My last vacation of the summer is coming up quick, next week to be exact! I'm so ready to be on the beach again with a fruity drink in my hand! 

Here's whats been on my watch this week. 

1) The Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale - Yes, I know this one has been everywhere! But It's my favorite time of the year! It's the time when Nordstrom's gets all of the new pieces for fall and they put them on sale! It's the perfect time to stock up on some trendy pieces for Fall/Winter, and whats even better is that they are on SALE! I'm going to put my list of what I bought at the sale later this week. 

2)  Netflix - Yes, I have to thank Netflix for my binge watching old tv shows and some new things as well. What else is summer for other than a good ol' marathon of some of your favorite movies/shows. The two things i'm going to mention are one classic and a new one! Gilmore Girls, my all time favorite show, i've re-watched the entire series and It brings me so much joy it never gets old! The new thing I watched next was a Documentary, It was called What the Health! I have to say this deffinitly opened up my mind to what I will be eating in the future. They brought up some things that I never knew. Highly reccomend that if your lokoking for a good mind opening documentary. 

3) Dunkirk - Wow so anyone that loves a good history movie, this was a must! Not only does it have a new actor, Harry Styles first movie and he did really well. I went into this movie not really knowing much about it other than it was based on WW2. All I have to say is just go and see it with an open mind like I did. It was well worth it. 

4) Soul Cycle - So I've been getting back into working out regularly again, since I have been on so many vacations. It's nice to get back into the routine. I have absolutly loving Spin classes again. Just last year I would do spin classes at least twice a week with other workouts I did durning the week. So one of my best friends and I decided why not try Soul Cycle, we have one close by and decided to do the 6 Am class. Wow! Getting up that early and working out made my day so much better! Granted it was horrible getting up early I felt rejuvinated after the workout and ready to take on the day! I honestly couldn't reccomend spin to anyone wanting a good full body/cardio workout.  

This weeks finds are short but they are good ones! Tag me or comment if you try any of them! Would love to see them. Have a great Upcoming Week! 

xx Dani