My favorite display

Working at Anthropologie and Co has opened my world up to so many design opportunities, not just in fashion but also in interior design. Not all fashion has to be clothes, there is a beauty and design in interior fashion as well. Today I'm going to share one of my favorite displays we have in the store right now. I love how all of the different textures and pieces of art work with the space. By adding in some color from live plants does just the trick as well. Product placement is huge also when trying to sell an item. Telling the customer why all of these different prints work with each other and how they come together to tell a story is beautiful and I love to look at this room every time I walk past it at work.  Whats your favorite display or store?

Image from Anthro_walnutcreek

Image from Anthro_walnutcreek

Size is Just a Number

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! 

Today I'm sharing another post to have to do with my school program. This one was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. As we all know size really is just a number and really has nothing to do with the size of yourself or what others may say. For this assignment we had to travel to a large retail store, Luckily I work at a very large format store (Antrhopologie and Co), so I didn't have to travel very far at all. Having tried on a bunch of things I did end up purchasing the items I tried on in the same size. (I'm not sharing the size because that's not important). What was Important was to find out that the same size in a different shirt doesn't fit exactly the same! In fact I found some were much bigger and others way to small. I started wondering why that was? Well as I know with say jeans I know I am for sure this set size in almost all jeans but in the Anthropologie brand (Pilcro) I was almost two sizes smaller than what my normal size was! To find that almost shocking it was sort of nice. Why that was, had to due to the nature of the fabric of the jean. The fabric they used tends to stretch out therefore you have to size down. Now with the shirts that i tried on I chose that were somewhat similar, both the same Size but totally fit differently. 

After my little try on session I have decided that after doing this for research for class that, when shopping for clothes you really do need to try on the garmet before buying and making sure it truly fits you and your body type. I really try never to pay attention to what the label says about the size and just go with what fits comfotable and looks good on yourself. If the garmet does all of the above then it's simply meant to be! 

Cost Behind Big Ideas

Hello everyone. As I sit down to write yet another post about what i'm learning in school, I got inspired. We recently had to design and sew a blouse on our own. Now, I am not well your typical woman who grew up sewing on the daily. But my mom and her side of the family luckily are wonderful sewers and had the wonderful help and guidance from my mom. We sat down and i Showed her my design for such a basic blouse and she said " Oh this is very doable" So we sat down and I got to work. Granted this was my first blouse to ever sew and I think I did a pretty good job for being my first time. So as I started to finish the rest of my assignment we had to figure out the production cost for this blouse. So I got to doing the math of it all and realized my blouse would only be worth $20. Now to some of you that may seem really low but for me and my first time making something from scratch that was huge for me! I asked some of my friends and family and asked them if they would purchase something like this from me how much would you pay? and they all said roughly around $15- $20. So I was headed on the right track. Now I don't think I have a future being a designer but it was a lot of fun doing it for this class and I learned quite a bit  about fashion production, and why something's are more expensive than others. Made me realize I truly do treasure certain pieces of clothing in my wardrobe much more.  



Here is my Blouse I made!

Here is my Blouse I made!

Finding Your Voice in the World

As I sit down to write this post, I started to think about how in the world there are so many influencers and bloggers, what would make me stand out? Well, nothing really other than my own personal brand. Who I am and who is even listening to me. When I first started blogging I had started on blogger, and wanted to go bigger even though I didn't have much of an audience, I never really put myself out there enough to actually be heard or seen. So with starting my own website and truly making it my own, I have discovered that I have 5 Subscribers, whether there family or friends doesn't really matter to me, because at least I know Im reaching someone. Now when I started my Instagram I had got a lot of followers at once, and then they slowly trickled away. I started wondering why? Was my content not good enough? Was I not posting regularly? All of the above was true, I was very inconsistent and I definitely didn't provide enough content or even directed it toward my blog. I now have 201 followers on Instagram, and about 50 on twitter. Looking into reads my blog are people from 17-50. Which that being such a wide range I need to find content that will engage all ages of readers. Looking into my audience has really opened my eyes to what I need to personally work on to bring better content to my readers.  

Thank you for all who have supported me from the beginning and will always be there for me in the future! Get ready for new and better content your way!