The Perfect Tunic

When you meet the perfect pair of jeans, or your favorite shirt, you often don't stray from those things that are normal and safe for you. What I found out is, it's alway's great to travel outside of your comfort zone no matter how scary it may seem at that time. So I did it, I entered this giveaway for a tunic from a company called Ocean and Main, in Los Angles Ca. I looked through their website and fell in love with everything! I've always wanted a great tunic to add to my wardrobe and make it one of those perfect pair of jeans. I waited awhile and suddenly looked at my email to realize I had won! I can honestly say I was so surprised! I've never won anything in my life so this was surreal! I read through the email about a dozen times before I responded I thought it was spam mail, that this isn't real. But it was REAL and I had my very own perfect tunic. Not only was this special to me cause I had won it but the tunic itself and the company was special. All of there Pieces are made with love obviously but, they use all the fabric that is waisted or unwanted, they use sustainable fabrics, such as silk, cotton, and all recyclable all from Los Angeles. I love the motto they have and pretty much sums up everything. "We're a small brand making small choices to make a small difference in our big world". So here's to the perfect tunic that will be with me forever! A special thank you to Ocean and Main for giving me this amazing tunic and opportunity! 

xo - Daniele