My own Clutch

Hello Everyone, 

So today as part of my class I had to make my own signature bag, I had in mind a really adorable seashell bag but that wouldn't be super easy to make, therefore I opted to make a clutch bag which turned out to be very original and cute. I could definitely see myself using this bag during the summer on vacation in Hawaii or somewhere tropical as it is made out of canvas and has a seashell clasp over the flap to close the clutch. As it turns out my mom loved the bag! I thought to myself well if more than 5 people love this bag maybe I could make more. But will see.. So I did my calculations to see what the clutch could be worth and turns out it would be worth up to 40/45$ depending on which shell I use. Here is my final product i've only pinned it for now and will continue to sew it later on.